With social distancing, virtual hangouts, and Zoom happy hours have become the new norm for socializing and a very popular way to celebrate the end of a long WFH day. 


So, why not make your bar or restaurant part of that experience by allowing guests to use a photo of your restaurant or bar as a Zoom background? One way to provide photos is the popular website virtualcheers.org

Think of it as moving your bar online to be part of these virtual get-togethers. Consider creating a ‘virtual’ cocktail recipe for the guests to enjoy while on Zoom with your bar or restaurant photo serving as the background image. Virtualcheers.org, a new platform, lets customers download background photos from 12 different bars in New York City. The website is an initiative to help local bars, restaurants, and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

These background images are offered free, and drinks are enjoyed at home. The great part is guests are encouraged to donate to the bars’ relief funds that are all linked on the website. Bars and restaurants can also encourage ordering cocktails and food to enjoy during these happy hours. 

Bars in NYC are encouraged to join virtualcheers.org by sending an email to hello@virtualcheers.com with the following information, and yes, submissions are free!  

  1. Business name, address, and contact
  2. Funding platform link e.g., GoFundMe
  3. Attach background image of a bar or restaurant: minimum 1280×720 jpeg, png

The internet is your best tool to stay connected to your guests during socially distancing. Make your bar the background of someone’s next virtual happy hour!