The COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, and restaurants have been ordered by the government to shut down their dining rooms across the country. Restaurateurs are either staying open for takeout and delivery or choosing to close their doors until the storm passes.


Amongst those that have temporarily closed their doors is one of NYC’s top restaurants for fine-dining, Eleven Madison Park. That is, until now. Chef and Owner Daniel Humm has made the decision to re-open their illustrious doors for a great cause.

Since 2011 renowned Chef Daniel Humm has owned this beautiful restaurant, which overlooks Madison Square Park, sitting at the base of a historic Art Deco building. Diners from far and wide attend elegant dinners at Eleven Madison Park, delighting in fine wines and expensive courses.

However, no longer will fancy courses of up to $300 be prepared. Instead, EMP will be using their industrial kitchen as a commissary kitchen to feed those in need.

Humm recently took to Instagram announcing their re-opening, “We need to stay safe, we need to protect each other and the vulnerable. But I need to help New York City — it’s given so much to me, even if I can help just a little bit.”

Humm and his team have partnered with Rethink Food NYC to turn Eleven Madison Park into a commissary kitchen. Rethink Food NYC is a nonprofit whose goal is to reduce food waste and feed those in need.

Each day, Humm and his dedicated team will get to work in the EMP kitchen to produce thousands of meals for the healthcare workers on the frontlines, and those that have been affected most by this pandemic. 

If you’d like to donate to the cause, please visit Rethink Food NYC’s website here