The American hospitality corporation, RLHC, launched a new program called “Keep Our Country Moving,” in an effort to relieve essential workers and first responders whose work requires them to leave their homes during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Truck drivers, delivery personnel, postal workers, construction workers, healthcare professionals, EMS teams, and law enforcement are all required to leave their homes and continue their hard work during these challenging times.

RLH Corporation CEO John Russell

“During this unprecedented period, RLHC is extending our gratitude to all essential workers who cannot fulfill their duties from home by offering a place of refuge,” said CEO of RLH Corporation John Russell.

Many are traveling on the road and may need lodging between shifts. These essential workers not only want to protect their own health, but also the health of their families. RHLC hopes to offer relief by providing a safe and affordable home while these essential workers are on the road.


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The “Keep Our Country Moving” program will provide 50% discounts per room across the RHLC’s 1,000 hotels nationwide. The program began on April 15th and will continue until the end of June. 

Thank the essential heroes

Remember to appreciate and thank those that risk their lives each day to protect and serve, to deliver your packages, and to work on the front lines each day.